Stack emission compliance testing and monitoring

AIR Experts provides on-site stack testing to comply with regulatory requirements. We follow the methodology as prescribed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Alberta Environment, and the Ministry of British Columbia.

We have experience with oil and gas refineries, lumber mills and other wood products, cement and lime kilns, potato refining factories, and a variety of other manufacturing facilities.

We work with clients and regulators to achieve a successful outcome.

Industrial health services

Employees are a company’s most valuable commodity.

Let us assist you in monitoring and improving indoor air quality for your employees.

Ambient (outdoor) air quality

We can install a network of monitoring stations to measure air quality in real time.

For example, monitoring stations can measure and record carbon monoxide adjacent to roadways during different traffic patterns.

Residential home health

We can assist you in dealing with:

  • mould
  • asbestos
  • radon
  • noise
  • toxic gases, e.g. formaldehyde and carbon monoxide

How’s your home health?